dotSquare Upgrades

Keep track of changes and upgrades to the DotSquare SDK and API

Before upgrading to the newest version of dotSquare, it is recommended that you review all changes we put in place to both the SDK and dotSquare API. These changes may be simple or major in nature, such as variables or structural changes, respectively. Major changes are less frequent.

Change Log

The changelog is a list of backwards-incompatible updates in the dotSquare API and SDK. New additions and forwards-compatible changes don’t need a new version and will not appear in this list. If you are not using the dotSquare SDK, it is your responsibility to thoroughly debug your website.


  • In 51-configure/, added directory data/ with JSON files


  • favicon.png and apple-touch-icon.png meta images have moved to the setup/meta/ directory in the DotSquare uploads folder.


  • The API key is now defined in 51-configure/init.php as a global variable $GLOBALS["DS-API_KEY"]. It was previously defined as the constant API_KEY. The constant API_KEY is now automatically defined from this global variable.

  • The site alerts feature now uses page ids instead of a PHP variable in the SDK. Ensure that the proper page ids are added for each site alert.


  • Login Systems Only: $area_user_login, $area_user, $user_only_area variables are deprecated. This is now controlled on a page level in the database.

  • Login Systems Only: The variable $USER_ID is replaced with the constant USER_ID.


  • Email class has changed to Notifications.


  • In 51-configure/css/, normalize.css, style_custom_bgs.css, style_custom_formatting.css, and style_span.css merged into a new file 51-configure/css/custom_normalize.css.

  • In 51-configure/css/, added directory temp/


  • $nav_id changed. Default navigation ID for Header is 1. Default navigation ID for Footer is 2. Default navigation ID for Mobile Menu is 3.

  • $page_id changed. Please ensure that all page IDs coded into the website are correct.

  • $header_nav_show_home removed as a dotSquare variable.